Thursday, June 12, 2014

First Draft Completed -- Phew!

Today I am celebrating the completion of the first draft of my next romantic suspense thriller. The working title is The Reality Show, and it is about a reality show gone very wrong.

Here's the first Page sneak preview:

The Reality Show 
by Trish Jackson

This is the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. I am shaking so bad I can hardly breathe and I think I'm gonna throw up.  I glance back at Joel. He gives me an encouraging smile. He looks cool and composed.
"Your turn, Lexie," the Old Man says.
I swallow and wipe my sweating hands on my jeans. My legs feel like jelly and I just want to sit down before I pass out.
"Go on," he gives me a gentle nudge with his hand on my back.
I take a very small step forward, toward the yawing hole in the aircraft. "I can't," I say to him. My voice doesn't seem to work.
It comes out in a whisper.
I'm about to step back and hand in my resignation—anything but this—when I hear the voice. The voice I never, ever wanted to hear again.
The one that haunts my nightmares.  
A far greater fear grips my whole body.
I start shaking all over.
It cannot be him.
But I know that voice.
I could never ever forget that voice.
So many things rip through my mind I almost collapse. He can't be here. I know it's not possible, but that voice…
I look down at my hand. My knuckles are white where I hold onto the side of a seat. I turn and scan the faces behind me. He's not here. It's just the fear of having to jump out of an aircraft that's making me hallucinate.

I try to swallow. My mouth is too dry and my throat feels like it has a lump the size of a baseball in it...

The story is set in Africa, in terrain like this.

This piece still has a long way to go before it will be published, but I'm very excited to have the story down. Now all I have to do is work through it and make it better. IT's the longest first draft I've ever written -- 202 pages. Usually they run around 150 pages.

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