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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Reviews for Virgo's Vice

All authors know reviews are important because they help readers to decide whether to buy your books or not, and we are always thankful to people who take the time to write a review, or even a one line comment.

Unfortunately, some readers take great delight in dissing books, and earn themselves the title of 'troll'. If you don't like a book, it's okay to say so and to explain why, but there is no need to be hateful and nasty like the review for Virgo's Vice from a woman named Libby. If you go to her profile and check out her stats, you can see she is a committed troll.  She's rated 1019 books and her average rating is 2.92 stars. It appears she was expecting a sweet little innocent romance. She probably doesn't understand that romantic suspense or suspense thrillers with romantic elements can be dark and intense.

Thankfully, most readers who leave reviews are good people who want to express their honest opinions in a decent and respectful manner. I personally don't publish reviews if I believe a book is worth less than three stars. I usually contact the author and explain why I feel the way I do and leave it at that.

Here are three great reviews Virgo's Vice received this past week:

From Ron (4 Stars)

Virgo's Vice asks, "What if Survivor were about actually surviving?" When a disparate group of contestants, with two camera operators, are parachuted into Africa with few supplies, they are confronted with just that question. Each has a reason to win the contest with a cool million as a prize and each has a reason to make sure no one else does. But how far will they go to win? Literally landing on her butt in the brush, Lexie King is right in the middle of it. When she took on the assignment to film the event, she had no idea what she was getting into. She is haunted by demons from her past and soon finds the present ones can be just as bad. She is confronted with the the possibility that one of the contestants feels that a million dollars worth killing for. Or are other evil forces at work?

Trish Jackson shows her familiarity with the African wilds in this book and uses it as a backdrop for her book. The characters are a varied lot, some good people and some not so good, but all are interesting. You find yourself rooting for some and not caring what happens to a few. It's a lot like life. In the end, I'm reminded of a phrase from the old TV series, Maude, "God will get you for that." I must admit that Jake was my favorite character, willing to give his life for Lexie, but I'm a dog person. Still, loyalty and self sacrifice are great qualities in any species. While part of the book is first person, in Lexie's point of view, Trish also uses third person to let you know what other characters are thinking and seeing. It's a fun read and keeps up a good pace throughout the book.

From Ken (4 Stars)

Trish Jackson’s fast-paced crime and romance novel “Virgo’s Vice” takes us into the wilderness of Africa. The contestants and two camera people have just been parachuted into the wilds where they are going to take part in a television reality show. Stranded by the failure of the show’s producer to get funding, the characters have to survive a menu of murder, love, and disaster. Using a combination of first and third person narration, Jackson creates the sense that we are watching a television show that has gone out of control. This is a page-turner with strong action and excellent romance.

From Todd (5 stars)

Reality TV...nope, not for me. But a book about a reality TV show in Africa that had a lot of things go wrong... I loved it! There was romance, there was suspense, and most importantly there was a great story behind it all, unlike reality TV. Lexie King the main character in the book is well thought out and described. Her past is the main story in this book to me and Trish does everything right in making this affect her life as a contestant for the $1,000,000.00 prize.

Thank you SO much. I really appreciate you.

Here's a link to more info and the Amazon page where you can buy this book.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review of Lost by D. M. Thornton

Lost by D.M. Thornton is a masterpiece, and a truly great debut novel.

In the beginning, 'Lost' resembles the TV show with the same name—a plane crashes in the middle of nowhere and most of the occupants lose their lives. 

The survivors are lost, yes, and yet the word 'lost' holds a double entendre as readers will discover at the end.

It is essentially a love story, and the author's depiction of the progression of the process of the two primary characters falling in love and eventually realizing they can't live without each other can only be described as masterful. The love-making scenes are graphic yet tastefully written, leaving the reader in no doubt that the couple love one another deeply.

If you love romance and enjoy a fast-paced book that moves forward with each page-turn, you will enjoy this story. 

One word of warning -- the cliff-hanger at the end. While it clearly shows that a sequel is in the works, and will leave you hungering for more, you may feel disappointed if you are accustomed to reading romance, in which there is always a happily ever after or happy for now ending.

Find out more on Amazon

Friday, September 11, 2015

Readers Choice Awards Voting Info

I'm thrilled that my two novels, Backwoods Boogie and Aquarius Addiction qualified for the Readers Choice Awards at The Romance Reviews. 

The nomination phase is now open and I need 50 nominations each for them to move forward. 

You have to sign up or be a member of The Romance Reviews. This could benefit you if you're a reader and like romance, or if you're a writer and want to showcase your romance novels. All votes will be truly appreciated. 

Here are the links:

Thank you SO much. I truly appreciate your help. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Review of Aquarius Addiction by Rosie Amber

A huge thank you to Rosie Amber for her great review of Aquarius Addiction.

Aquarius Addiction is a romantic suspense set in and around New Orleans. Arlette Xylander is a psychic who helps the FBI in cases they cannot solve. She's just been called into a new case on the very day she's had bad news about her own health. She meets Andre Rossouw, older brother of a young missing girl. There is an instant spark of romance between the pair but with Arlette's health news and Andre being a client any future for the pair is a no-go.

Arlette lives in an old house inherited from her Aunt. She's left Arlette the house and a mystery to solve. The house is haunted, but Arlette isn't frightened.

Susanna is the missing girl that Arlette must find, she goes to the family home and hopes for some visions to give her clues. She gets a couple of glimpses and does a sketch for a photo ID fit, plus she has a couple of names to work on.

The photos cause trouble for Arlette when she's the victim of a hit and run that leaves her in hospital. However she believes she's got a lead as things soon start hotting up in the search for Susanna.

In Arlette's personal life the appearance of a Voodoo priestess has it's own mysteries and her Aunt urges her to find the women again.

I enjoyed this mystery particularly the links to New Orleans and the Voodoo, plus the sizzling romance between Arlette and Andre which was fun.

Happy to give this 4*'s.

Buy it Here

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review - On Angels Wings by Heather Adams

This is a wonderful debut novel, and the first in a series. The author has a masterful way with words, and has woven true historical events into this period romantic suspense novel about a love that endures everything.

In eighteenth century Britain, a mother dies and leaves her child, Angela, alone and without anyone to support her. Her philandering and heavy drinking stepfather steals all the money and sells her to a brothel. Being a spirited young woman, Angela refuses to accept her fate, and in time, she meets Duke Monroe Enderby, and discovers the delights of falling in love.

The two are secretly married, only to be torn apart by injustice, war, and a jealous servant.

With Monroe away fighting the war, Angela gives birth to a son, Weylin. Years pass, and in time, they travel to the New World, where Weylin becomes involved with the Sons of Liberty.

This story is a must read. Follow the two lovers as they live their own Odyssey. Will they ever be reunited? And what is the secret of the wolves?

Here's the link to buy it. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review -- Letting Evil In by Ellie Eden

Kristin, wife and mother of three, tries to be understanding when her husband, Michael decides to travel to Rio de Janeiro on his own. He hasn't been himself since his accident.

The problems start when he disappears. Kristi and her teenage son, Josh, travel to Rio to try to find him, and against all advice, they head into the crime-ridden slums or favelos.  After some very harrowing experiences, Kristi finds solace and a broad shoulder to lean on in Brazilian Federal Agent, Tony Lamazzo. But is he really to be trusted, or is he on the payroll of the cruel and malicious drug lord O Dentista?

The author has done a wonderful job of describing life and death in Rio's underworld, and she ratchets up the tension to a terrifying climax. It was hard to put the book down.

Being an animal advocate, I was happy when the homeless kid's dog found a happy ending.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy the book here.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review - Passion in the Kitchen by Cynthia Ainsworthe

Front Row Center's Passion in the Kitchen is a cookbook with a difference, guaranteed to bring an extra spark into your relationship!

The author is an accomplished cook who specializes in French cuisine, and she is also an award-winning writer of a suspenseful and passionate romance novel, Front Row Center, which is currently being adapted into a screenplay.

The recipes are all tried and tested by the author, and are not too complex for the average home cook. The categories include 'Appeteasers', 'Warm up Foreplay' and 'Between the Sheets'. Each recipe includes a mouth-watering illustration, and all have suggestive names like 'Smooth Caresses', 'Sublime Joinings', 'Love Wand of Ecstasy' and 'Sweet and Lustful'.

Interspersed with photos of food is a generous serving of pictures of delectably hot men.

But that's not all... Every recipe ends with a "Cooking Break" - lines of flirtation taken from the novel, Front Row Center. 

Example: 'Cooking break! 
That’s all right,” she replied softly. “You want some of my …” she opened her palm, “… nuts?”
He blew out a ragged breath.'

If you are looking for something to spice up your life, look no further. 

I received an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase Link

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pre-Release Reviews for Backwoods Boogie

I'm very thankful for the wonderful people who have taken the time to read and review Backwoods Boogie, my upcoming third book on the Redneck P.I. Series. A couple of people are still reading it, and here are the ones that have been posted on Goodreads only because it won't be available on Amazon until November 14th.

Here is the pre-order link for Amazon:
Backwoods Boogie

Twila Taunton, redneck detective, reluctantly joins forces with her ex-fiancée to solve the mysterious murder of British resident, Janice Woodward.

Sensing an innocent woman was setup for the crime, Twila assembles a small group of trusted friends and specialists to dig deep and unearth the truth, and needs all her sass and guile to overcome the many challenges they hit along the way.

Backwoods Boogie, the third in the Redneck Series, is a fast-paced journey that spans America’s Deep South to the rainy reaches of Northern Europe, and keeps you reading on and guessing throughout. The characters are wonderfully vivid and you’re transported directly into their gritty setting, observing them first-hand as they slowly piece together the puzzle – but can they do it in time?

This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys well-written detective stories and wily whodunits.

Lee Bullen, Author, UK


If you are looking for a delightful story packed full of an eclectic group of witty characters, Backwoods Boogie is the book for you.

Twila Taunton, self proclaimed detective of the Redneck P.I. Agency, is hired to help her friend Pam Taylor. Pam has been imprisoned for a murder Twila is sure she didn't commit. To make matters worse Pam's attorney is Jimmie-Ray, the man that left Twila standing at the alter.

Murder, Motorcycles, Aunts Gone Goth and Baby Scares, Oh My!

Flat out Fun! Trish Jackson once agains provides a captivating cast that will having you laughing out loud. A perfect balance of mystery, sexual spice and action makesBackwoods Boogie a wonderfully engaging read. 

Beth at Tome Tender Blog


I was pleasantly surprised by Backwoods Boogie. To be honest, I'm not usually a fan of real hard-core country books but for the most part I didn't mind it in this one. At times, Twila's rather butch demeanour did get on my nerves but the story was fast-paced enough that I quickly got over it. This book reminded me a little of Charlene Harris and her writing style so if you're a fan of hers you should enjoy this one.

I did quite like how the last page of every chapter contained a perspective from another character, it did fill in a lot of the plot and provide insight and depth into the characters. The supporting cast was fun.

I don't quite see why Twila had to travel to London, I think that was perhaps my least favourite part of the book but it was brief. The plot was captivating and action-packed for the rest of the book I thought.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this. It was fun and wild and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery with a hint of romance and a lot of crazy

Jules dePlume, Author

Thanks to those three wonderful people, and I'll be adding more when they come. Currently there are two others reading a pre-release version.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Review- Iam Ella. Buy me. by Joan Ellis

Ella David is a lost soul. She is not really sure who she is or what she wants from life. She is in a relationship with the handsome up-coming rock star, Tom, but is it really love that she feels for him? And is he committed enough to their liaison to be faithful to her?

The only two truly meaningful people in her life are Wally, the elderly caretaker at work, and Adam Hart, a friend who shares her passion for chocolate and other treats that appeal to the sweet tooth.

This story is set in the time before the terms 'politically correct' or 'sexual harassment at the workplace' had been dreamed up. Ella is in a dead-end job as an advertising copywriter, with a horny boss, Peter Richards, who makes shameless sexual advances on the women he works with, and proudly boasts of his sexual prowess. Ella has thus far managed to stay out of his bed, but when she is in danger of losing her job, he tries to blackmail her into a 'little arrangement" on the side.

Peter's antics and the other eccentric characters Ella has to deal with put her in some hilarious situations. The book is well-written and fun to read.

Four stars.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review - Doctor January by Rhoda Baxter

I labeled this book, Doctor January,  'Un Put-Downable' on Amazon and that's the truth. I just wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what would happen.

   Beth Tyler suddenly has one of those moments with her co-worker, Hibs. You know them. The sudden realization that the guy who has always been your friend is actually really hot.

   And then, just at that moment, her longtime boyfriend, Gordon, returns unexpectedly from the US, and their relationship picks up where it left off six months ago. There's no denying it, Gordon is really good-looking, with his muscular swimmer's body and handsome face, which kind of makes up for his possessiveness and mood swings. It's just because he loves her so much, Beth reasons. 
 Hibs, who is hopelessly in love with Beth, can only stand on the sidelines, desperately wishing Beth would realize that Gordon is a malicious bully.

   As a fundraising exercise for Women in Science, Beth and the other members are busy compiling a calendar of hot male scientists. When Doctor January withdraws close to the production deadline, they have a crisis on their hands… Who do they choose? Hibs or Gordon?

   The characters are very real, and the author has a great way of drawing the reader in and making them care what happens, and I look forward to the reading next one.

My favorite passage from the book:
"She scrolled through more images, and suddenly there was one (of Hibs) where he wasn't looking away. He looked out of the screen at her, brow slightly furrowed, his lips parted as though he was in the middle of a word.
She stared.
It was Hibs, but different. It was as though some of the familiarity had been stripped away, leaving behind a beautifully defined face with high cheekbones and serious grey eyes. Was this really the guy she worked next to and joked with every day?"

My rating: ☻☻☻☻☻(Five happy faces = five stars.)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review - Sex, Lies and Beauty Aides by Deb Julienne

This romantic comedy is bubbling with fun.

Writer Sabrina Thompson's new boss, the pompous Travis Wellington, tells her she will have to take over and write an advice column about sex and love.

This poses a huge problem, because Sabrina is a virgin. She hasn't even ever had a serious relationship.

She wishes her new boss could be Travis' twin brother, Trent, on whom she has had a crush for three years. What she doesn't know, is that Trent is actually standing in for his brother, and posing as Travis.

Their relationship evolves as she confides in 'Travis' about her crush on Trent and her predicament in writing the sex column.

I found the characters totally believable and this was a fun, enjoyable and light-hearted read. I cried at the end.

My Favorite line: "A man's idea of romance is to bullshit their way through life with the sincere hope you're so in love with them you'll be blinded to their flaws." (Kat.)

A great job for a new author. My rating: ☻☻☻☻☻(Five happy faces = five stars.)

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Buy it now: Amazon
                              Barnes & Noble

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rview - Target for Terror by L.A. Iding

Fast-paced, thrilling and sexy.

Natalia Sokolova is the critical care nurse assigned to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia after he has been shot on US soil. He appears to recognize the unique pendant she is wearing around her neck – the one that could help lead her to her Russian birth mother. He claims he was shot by an FBI agent, but before she can find out more, he dies.

Natalia's life is catapulted into confusion and terror. When she arrives home that evening her house blows up in front of her eyes. She races to get help from her friend, Ivan, only to find him brutally murdered.

Enter tall, dark and handsome ex FBI agent, Sloan Dryer, now a private security specialist, who had been hired to protect the Russian diplomat.  He meets Natalia in the hospital, and when he sees her burning home on TV, he knows it cannot be a coincidence. He sets out to find her. It doesn't take much for him to realize her life is in grave danger, and he becomes her self-appointed protector.

They spend the next few days running from their ruthless pursuers who leave a bloody trail behind them. But who wants Natalia dead? And why?  And can Sloan control the burning desire he feels for Natalia?

If you like fast-paced action with hot, passionate romance, you won't be able to put this book down.

My rating: ☻☻☻☻1/2 (Four and a half happy faces = 4 1/2  stars.)

I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Great Review for Capricorn Cravings

Capricorn Cravings

Review by Christina Renee

Mystery -- Intrigue -- Action

The book starts of with a bang rather quickly and from that moment, Trish Jackson weaves a tale that keeps you hooked and guessing the next move. The main character, Riley Shaughnessy, finds her quiet world turned upside down in the ensuing chaos. A man has been shot; there's no evidence. An assistant goes missing; Riley is a person of interest.

When you first meet Riley, she's quietly meditating in her "spot" when gunshots ring out. Someone falls near her, and once she hears no one is coming towards her, she starts to crawl towards the injured individual. As a veterinarian, she at least can assess injuries and see if she can help. Unfortunately, she has a habit of speaking her mind aloud, so while assessing injuries, she also starts vocalizing her thoughts on the person in front of her. Alas, he wakes and enjoys the commentary, much to her embarrassment. She informs him she's going to get help, but when she returns, the man has disappeared.

I wont give away more, but I loved how Jackson wove the plot so that you were constantly trying to figure out "who did it" and what would become of Riley, the town, and of those caught in the crossfire. The astrological aspect of the novel was a really nice touch, as there are many people who give credence to what is said in horoscopes and will make decisions, consciously and unconsciously, in relation to those predictions. It also gave Jackson a way to tie in the serial killer.

When I first saw the cover, I figured this would be an intense romance with a little murder and mystery. I was pleasantly surprised by the focus more on the characters, the story line, and the interlacing of romance. It was tasteful, fun, playful, and there were areas of dark and violence. I loved it.

All in all, a highly recommended read. Fast paced easy read that you can do in a few hours if you have the time! I look forward to reading more from Trish Jackson in the future.

Get a FREE Download of my novelette and prologue to this novel, Riley's Story

More info Here

Amazon Link to Capricorn Cravings

Thank you so much Christina -- I really appreciate this lovely review.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Every Writer Needs a Good Editor

"Trish is the corner man every author should have in the publishing ring." I was thrilled to get this wonderful review from Canadian Kevin Zdrill after I helped him with his newest novel Crazy Mixed-up World. (Click here to buy it on

"I found Trish by chance while searching the web for an individual who could provide my fiction novel a critical and polished editorial assessment. My chance discovery with Trish was an author’s dream. Trish is a caring, passionate individual with profound editorial skills, a tremendous depth of knowledge in the publishing industry and possesses an amazing warmth to go the extra mile teaching and assisting me with my book to bring it up to industry standards. Having Trish involved with my book validated it had reached its potential as a creditable novel.
A tremendous distinction that separates Trish from so many other editors is that she is a highly accomplished author. Her insight into the industry is timely and relevant.
Any author who has the ambition to elevate the polish of their novel will achieve this goal under the guidance of Trish and her services. My experience with Trish exceeds any university course on writing, marketing and publishing. Trish is a one room classroom that will teach an author on all the aspects required to help in the success of a challenging publishing world. Like any champion boxer, Trish is the corner man every author should have in the publishing ring."


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review - The Lonesome Gods by Louis L'Amour

Some people probably think Louis L'Amour was an okay writer if you like cowboy stories. Actually, he was an amazing and wonderful writer, and he was also extremely well-educated and knowledgeable about world history. He wasn't awarded the US National Gold Medal and the Medal of Freedom for nothing. More than 300 million of his books have been printed, and they have been translated into several other languages and sold all over the world.

This story starts with six-year-old Johannes Verne's narrative as he travels west with his father in a lone wagon. Most people travel in wagon trains because it's safer to do so, but the boy's father is dying, and doesn't have time to wait for the next wagon train to be organized. Johannes' mother passed away sometime previously, and Johannes' only living family member is his grandfather, Don Ysidro, who lives in Los Angeles, California. 

The only problem is, Don Ysidro plans to kill Johannes and his father as soon as they arrive in California. 

The story tells of how Johannes uses all his wiles to stay alive, and how, blessed with some very kind and caring friends, he grows into a strong, resourceful young man, and eventually has to save the life of the woman he loves.

The story will tug at your emotions and bring tears to your eyes, not only from the human interactions, but also from the vivid word paintings of the western territories the author loved so much.

I couldn't put it down.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review - The Curse of Nefertiti

The Curse of Nefertiti

Charline Ratcliff

Kayla has no recollection of her life before she turned thirteen, but she is plagued by vivid dreams or visualizations of events that took place in ancient Egypt.

On what starts out as a very ordinary night out with her friends, Kayla meets an Italian man named Paulo, who captures her attention in a big way. She cannot shake the feeling that she has known him intimately before, even though she knows they have never met. 

They go to his palatial home and indulge in very romantic and passionate sex. The intensity of their burning desire is like no normal person would experience and they cannot get enough of one another.

Eventually they realize they are the reincarnated persona of Nefertiti and her murdered husband, Akhenaten, whom history blames for a bloody revolution. 

Kayla is given a choice—stay with the love of her life, or go back in time to her country and make things right.

I don't usually read paranormal fiction, but this story is entertaining and well written, and although the sex scenes may have been a little overdone, they were very well-written and tastefully portrayed. The author also demonstrates exceptional knowledge about the history of Egypt.

*I was given a copy of this novel by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Friday, February 28, 2014

Review - No Kiss Good-Night

No Kiss Good-Night

Kevin Zdrill

The Dates from Hell and other Relationship Problems.

Gus Adams experiences an existential crisis when plans to celebrate his 39th birthday fall apart and everyone he has invited cancels at the last minute. He knows he has to do something about his life before he reaches the big 4-0.

A wife would have been there for him, wouldn't she?

He should know how to enter into a meaningful relationship. He's a psychotherapist specializing in helping couples work through their problems. But how to go about finding the right woman? He's been out of the serious dating game for almost ten years.

After some interesting and bizarre experiences with his best (and only) friend Lonny, and his young office assistant Christy, he learns that suits are not cool, and that his best course of action is a telephone dating service.

Each date is totally different from the other, but similar in one aspect only—they are all the dates from hell. Everything that could possibly go wrong does, and he is forced to extricate himself from some utterly absurd and impossible situations.

Eventually, love finds him in an unexpected way (doesn't it always?) and then, he has to make some difficult decisions, and in the end, the most difficult decision of his life.

Very well-written, witty and amusing, this slightly dark romantic comedy is hard to put down. A must for singles approaching their fortieth birthday or anyone who can remember the torment!

Reviewer: Trish Jackson

Review - Only Love Twice

Only Love Twice
Kat Canfield

A Poignant Cross-Cultural Romance.

Lonely widow Madison doesn't expect to find love a second time around, but when she meets a middle-eastern man named Saleem online through her XXX voyeurism website,  they engage in an online conversation. Both of them feel a special connection despite their obvious religious differences—she is Jewish and he is a Muslim.

They arrange to meet. Madison is forced to confess she is a retired cop and she worries that he might see this as a negative because of the way his culture views women. He in turn discloses that although he was educated in England, and his mother is English, he is a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family, and is a prince.

They realize they are falling in love and he showers her with gifts, while she delights in showing him America and in particular, the deep-south. Since her husband's death, Madison has reinforced her love of horses and she is thrilled to find out Saleem is also an excellent horseman.

But will the enormous differences in their cultures create obstacles they cannot overcome?
The author had done an amazing job of comparing the two cultures and presents some very thought-provoking factors.

A very sweet and beautiful love story.

Reviewer: Trish Jackson

Thursday, January 30, 2014

James Patterson's Private Series

While I go out of my way to buy books by new Indie authors, I also read as many best selling authors as possible. They are the masters and there is so much to learn from their writing. It's almost like doing homework.

I write romantic suspense, which can also be classified as romance thrillers. While I love to read other romantic suspense authors like Nora Roberts, and Linda Howard, I also love adventure thrillers and mysteries.

James Patterson is the highest paid author in the world at the moment and when you read his books, you can understand why. He has created several unforgettable characters including Alex Cross and Michael Bennett, and although he mainly writes thrillers, he has also written romances and many of his thrillers contain romantic elements.

I have recently been reading the Private Series. Private Berlin had the most terrifying monster one could imagine, and I think Cronus in this one, Private Games, comes a close second.

Peter Knight is a British detective working for the London branch of the international Private Organization, an investigation group headquartered in the US and lead by Jack Morgan. 

Co-written with Mark Sullivan, a best-selling author in his own right, the story revolves around the 2012 Olympic Games, and a madman who calls himself Cronus, who has spent years planning his sabotage tactics, which he carries out with the help of his 'sisters'--three cold-hearted, depraved Bosnian war criminals whom he dubs 'the Furies'.

Cronus frustrates Private and the other law enforcement agencies responsible for the security of the games when he is able to pull off a series of terrifying murders with impunity right under their noses.

With the help of Sun reporter, Karen Pope, Knight follows a trail of clues that lead him to a TV character and a female professor who leads a double life, both of whom subsequently disappear. 

The widowed Knight's efforts are constantly hindered by his inability to find a nanny for his three-year-old twins. Cronus sees this as an opportunity to get close to Knight, and sends one of his 'sisters' to apply for the job.

This book is very different from most of Patterson's works because the entire story is told with a British perspective. If you like thrillers, I definitely recommend this one.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review - A Stop in the Park by Peggy Strack

A Poignant and Moving Love Story

A Stop in the Park is a touching and sensitive tale about love and dreams lost and re-kindled.

Michael and Jamie Stolis know their marriage is in big trouble, when a deviation from their normal habits includes a stop in a nearby park, where Michael meets a man named Rufus.

Rufus is a simple man who has a way of seeing into people's souls and knowing what they need. He takes Michael on an emotional journey that helps him find his true calling, and the pathway to regain the romance he had with Jamie.

Excerpt:  Jamie kissed Megan on the cheek and pulled the tangerine comforter up to her neck. She stroked her daughter’s hair and said, “I love you, muffin.” She then went into Emily’s room and did the same. When the goodnight ritual was over, she pulled the sash of her pink cotton robe tightly around her waist and went into her bedroom. The TV was still on, but Michael was asleep.

     Stepping close to him, she listened to his breathing. It was definitely sleep breathing, so she was safe. She pulled her slipper socks over her feet, ambled down the stairs, poured herself a glass of Chardonnay, and approached the computer. She sat down, fired it up, and leaned back. Michael had proved tonight that he could not change. Jamie still wasn't ready for divorce, but certainly could use a separation—one that didn’t take her too far from home. Rubbing her hands together, she said, "Let the games begin,” then took a sip of wine.

     When the machine was ready for action, she opened her Facebook page. She had a private message from Steve. “Hey, pretty girl. I’m waiting up for you.” Jamie gasped in delight. She liked hearing that she was pretty from him way more than she did from Michael. She tried to suppress a smile, but it didn’t work.

     Before responding, she scanned Steve's wall. His five o'clock shadow and unkempt sandy brown hair seemed to invite her to take an adventurous walk in the woods with him. There were shots of him playing tennis, sitting at a bar, cuddling with his puppy, and sailing on a catamaran. She wished she could jump into the pictures and start a new life. Of course, Emily and Megan could come along, but that cad she married would be left behind. Jamie gazed at her fantasy man a little longer, hypnotized by his emerald eyes that danced with mischief and vigor.

     She couldn't believe that he picked her out of all the women fishing for love on the cyberspace cruise. Of course, she touched up some of her visual posts with Photoshop, but not much. She shaved some hip fat and smoothed out the lines that were starting to creep around her eyes. The rest was real.

     Jamie went back to her message, gulped her wine, and raised her eyebrows. She typed, “Can you come out and play?” Within seconds she received a reply. “I wish you were ringing the doorbell and not my iPad.”
     Jamie’s eyes widened. This was so much fun.

Bio: Peggy Strack hosts the award winning blog, "Kick Back Moments," for the Saratogian Newspaper. She is a speech-language pathologist living in Saratoga Springs, NY with her husband, Keith. She has two adult sons and enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

I loved your book, Peggy, and I hope this review helps you get more sales. You deserve it!