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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Goodreads Giveaway -- Capricorn Cravings

Capricorn Cravings was published in print format 10 months after it first hit the Kindle market, and with two new books being released over the holiday season I am only just now scheduling a giveaway.

Riley Shaughnessy has the perfect life. Her veterinary practice is thriving, and she loves living in the small town in the Colorado mountains, where no one knows the shocking secret of her past. She loves to gallop her palomino mare across the vast expanse of public land bordering the town, and after a long period of self-denial, she has even committed to a date with handsome horse wrangler, Randy Hansen. But now, she knows her assistant, Jamie, would never willingly abandon her child, so why has she disappeared? Something dark and sinister is taking place, and it all started on the day hunky Powell Stewart, with the piercing blue eyes, came into her life in a strange and unexpected way. Her inner voice tells her to stay as far away from him as she can...

Here are the details of the Giveaway:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Capricorn Cravings by Trish Jackson

Capricorn Cravings

by Trish Jackson

Giveaway ends March 20, 2015.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review - The Lonesome Gods by Louis L'Amour

Some people probably think Louis L'Amour was an okay writer if you like cowboy stories. Actually, he was an amazing and wonderful writer, and he was also extremely well-educated and knowledgeable about world history. He wasn't awarded the US National Gold Medal and the Medal of Freedom for nothing. More than 300 million of his books have been printed, and they have been translated into several other languages and sold all over the world.

This story starts with six-year-old Johannes Verne's narrative as he travels west with his father in a lone wagon. Most people travel in wagon trains because it's safer to do so, but the boy's father is dying, and doesn't have time to wait for the next wagon train to be organized. Johannes' mother passed away sometime previously, and Johannes' only living family member is his grandfather, Don Ysidro, who lives in Los Angeles, California. 

The only problem is, Don Ysidro plans to kill Johannes and his father as soon as they arrive in California. 

The story tells of how Johannes uses all his wiles to stay alive, and how, blessed with some very kind and caring friends, he grows into a strong, resourceful young man, and eventually has to save the life of the woman he loves.

The story will tug at your emotions and bring tears to your eyes, not only from the human interactions, but also from the vivid word paintings of the western territories the author loved so much.

I couldn't put it down.